Olympus E-5 successor on the way?

Olympus E-5
Is the E-5 about to be replaced by a successor?

Rumours are circulating that Olympus is about to unleash another DSLR on the market, some two years after the E-5 was unveiled.

The whispers have started after a post on Damian McGillyCuddy's website which showed a mysterious package addressed to the photographer, followed by comments that what he was testing was "better than the E5".

It could of course mean that a new Micro Four Thirds camera could be going through some early testing, perhaps a quick update to the OM-D, which has only just gone on general sale.

McGillyCuddy was one of the photographers praising the new OM-D at the Olympus stand at the recent Focus on Imaging stage.

Many had assumed that Olympus was likely to bow out of the DSLR market after its successes in the CSC arena, initially with the PEN, first introduced in 2009, and the OM-D - both of which hark back to the company's analogue line-up.

Of course, it's also possible that we are about to see the first mirrorless Four Thirds camera. This could have the same build and mount as the E-5, with an electronic viewfinder.

Never say never

Olympus told us back in January that it was not ruling out more cameras in the Four Thirds format. It came after an official statement on the website said the company will "continue to develop and enhance the product line-up for both standards [Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds].

Mark Thackara, national marketing manager for Olympus UK said at the time "We know there is a vocal community who would like to see another body in the Four Thirds format, so we will have to wait and see."

Earlier this week, Olympus sent various journalists some nuts in a box with a sticker saying "Coming Soon". However, this is thought by many to be a reference to a new tough compact camera which was leaked on the Best Buy website.

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