You don't really want a 2K smartphone screen, says Sony

Sony's not keen on 2K for smartphones

If you're hankering after a smartphone with a QHD display (which is four times the resolution of 720p), then it looks like you can give any future Sony handsets a miss. A new report suggests that the Japanese company has no plans for including the technology in the near future.

According to Focus Taiwan, Jonathan Lin, general manager of Sony Mobile's Taiwan branch, revealed that Sony has considered creating smartphones with 2560 x 1440 resolution displays, but has decided against it due to customers' apparent disinterest in the technology.

"At the moment, making the move to 2K technology on 5 to 5.5-inch screens does not seem able to achieve market segmentation, so we have no plans to launch 2K phones."

2K or not 2K?

Lin's comments came at the Taiwanese launch of the Xperia Z3+, Sony's latest flagship phone which once again features a 1080p display.

This doesn't mean Sony has sworn off 2K displays completely, however, as it will use the technology in its tablet lineup, like the Xperia Z4 Tablet.

Consumers might not be overly interested in QHD screens at the moment, but with many of Sony's competitors including the resolution on their flagship smartphones, the Japanese company could be in danger of looking outdated.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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