World's longest ringtone lasts over an hour

Japanese phones
They're just amazed anyone bothered to make this thing

If you've got little to do this weekend and are interested in incredible tedium, then you could always download what its maker claims is the world's longest mobile phone ringtone.

The 61 minutes and 40 seconds that the melody takes to play through are being submitted for inclusion in Guinness's big book of records, probably to be filed in the 'Huh?' section?

Dogged by daftness

Supplier Dwango has previously made a ringtone that is audible only to dogs, so it has some form in the field. All Dwango's ringtones are available as part of a ¥315 (£1.70) monthly package.

Alas for readers in the West, the Dwango service is available only in Japan, so the weekend will probably be over anyway by the time you get yourself out there.

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