Windows Mobile 6.1 imminent

Sony Ericsson announced its Experia X1 at Mobile World Congress - it runs Windows Mobile

TechRadar has received an invitation to “an exciting Windows Mobile announcement” on 1 April. Could it be that Windows Mobile 6.1 is imminent?

As you will no doubt have realised, it isn’t the best day to do a product launch, yet Microsoft hasn’t missed the trick. “It may be April Fools’ Day but the improvements Microsoft has made to Windows Mobile are no joke!” Cor, those funny Microsoft dudes are at it again!

Windows Mobile 7 is the hotly anticipated next-generation of the OS that will really set out Microsoft’s consumer mobile stall, so we’re only expecting minor tweaks for 6.1. Several leaked shots have made it onto sites such as Engadet.

Microsoft's main message at Mobile World Congress this year was that it was trying to push the OS into the mind of the average punter as well as his mate in a suit.

Windows Mobile 6 debuted last February and was widely criticised for being too busy and complex on screen. From the shots we’ve seen, 6.1 seems to take things back to basics.

There has also been speculation that the update will have a carousel-style user interface as a result of a patent application, though it’s more likely that any major interface revision will be left hanging until version 7, which is expected to represent a sea change for the platform.

Oh, and guess where the launch is? The Comedy Store...class.


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