UK mobile users can't remember their numbers

The majority of UK mobile users forget to backup numbers and can't remember ones stored in their phones

Nearly three-quarters of Britons can't remember even 5 numbers on their mobile phones, a new survey has revealed. The research, from new mobile backup service ZYB , shows that on average we store more than 80 numbers on our phones but that 69 per cent of us can recall fewer than five of these.

ZYB's survey also revealed that 59 per cent of us fail to backup our phone contact list in any way - even by writing numbers down. With an estimated 2.5 million mobile phones stolen in the UK each year and more lost, this results in a huge amount of number-hunting headaches.

ZYB issued its findings as it launched a free over the air back up service for UK mobile users to store their phone contacts and other data. ZYB also enables users to manage and share data online, and easily transfer contacts from one phone to another.

Number back-up

Users can sign up for the ZYB service online at Information is backed up from a mobile phone over the air via GPRS data using SyncML synchronization technology that's embedded in most mobile phones.

"The majority of us only memorise a small fraction of the numbers we store on our phone," says Tommy Ahlers, CEO of ZYB. "With this in mind, it's no wonder people dread losing their mobile handset more than any other electronic device."