To bae or not to bae: how to sext like Shakespeare


We don't know what William Shakespeare would make of modern technology, but we know what he'd be using to chat with his pals.

A new app called ShakeSpeak – awful name, we know – lets you type like Shakespeare would have if he had a smartphone.

For example, write "to be or" and it will recommend you end it "not to be". Type "The course of" and it would suggest " love never did run smooth". You get the idea.

Is this a buffacake I see before me?

As well as quotes, the app will also recommend you use thou, thee and thy in your messages. You also get a new Shakespeare themed background to the SwiftKey keyboard.

SwiftKey's Head of Partnerships Sarah Rowley said: "SwiftKey learns from your writing style, so who better to have as your guide than one of the world's greatest wordsmiths? Shakespeare brought language to the masses in innovative and exciting ways - and now people can experience his unique and timeless use of language on their smartphone keyboard."

But sexting like the Bard with this keyboard isn't the easiest thing to do - there isn't a huge amount of choice when it comes to phrases. Look how we struggled.


You can download ShakeSpeak from the Google Play Store now - sadly those on iOS or Windows Phone won't be supported by the app.

James Peckham

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