This washable smartphone can handle a good scrubbin'

A phone you can wash with soap and water!
Image Credit: AU (via YouTube)

Considering that they are constantly in our hands, in front of our face, and near our mouths, our smartphones could probably use a good washing. Enter this new phone by Kyocera, which can be washed with soap and water as thoroughly as a dinner plate.

The Digno Rafre, set to launch next week, is being marketed for those who use their phone while cooking, in the bath, or are just prone to accidents when snapping pictures of food, as the Japanese advertisement demonstrates.

Water-resistant phones are nothing new, but soap can typically be harmful for touchscreens as well as the phone itself, should any get inside the device's guts. What gets the Rafre around this is an airtight and durable design that goes as far as to even remove the speakers.

Instead, the Rafre uses a 'Smart Sonic Receiver,' a technology that uses vibrations on the screen to project audio while keeping the phone sealed. There is also a rubber duck phone stand made just for the phone if you enjoy selfies of your shampoo regimen or YouTube while you soak.

The Rafre can handle more than just a running tap, sporting a durable plastic back developed to "heal" scratches and a flexible glass touchscreen that ensures it can take its share of wear and tear.

Exclusive to Japan and available in Coral Pink, Cashmere White, and Marine Blue, the Rafre will reportedly run for ¥57,420 (approximately $468/£310/AU$639). Given the tendency for phones to accompany folks when they eat, hit the gym, and yes, even use the toilet, it might be in the interest of the general public for more washable phones to make a worldwide release.

Top Image Credit - AU (via YouTube)

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