The next-generation tech powering your Sony Xperia T

The next-generation tech powering your Sony Xperia T
Taking the smartphone to the next level with powerful features

With the Xperia T, Sony has created its best ever smarpthone for the ultimate HD experience - but what about the technology powering these innovations?

Let's begin with the Mobile BRAVIA engine: using similar technology to that found in Sony's top end BRAVIA TVs, the technology gives your photos and videos a boost to make them look more sparkling than ever.

Be it boosting contrast to bring a more vivid picture or adding sharpness and detail to your favourite movies, the Sony Xperia T's picture quality is without equal on a smartphone.

Worried about the slightly noisy photo you just captured? That's no problem for the Mobile BRAVIA Engine, bringing the best of your snaps our thanks to intelligent image rendering on the large 4.6-inch HD screen of the Sony Xperia T.

Everyone knows that a smarpthone can be a decent alternative to the compact camera, but when it comes to the Sony Xperia T you're getting the best of Sony's photography prowess in a super slim smartphone.

Sony Xperia T

Using its Exmor R sensor, the Xperia T brings your photos to life in a way never before experienced.

The Exmor R CMOS sensor helps you capture the amazing moments you don't want to miss, record in perfect 1080p HD video and offers up still images that are packed full of contrast, rich colours and less picture noise than ever before.

Even if your favourite time for photography is later in the evening, the Xperia T's Exmor R sensor is on hand to help out, with industry-leading low-light sensitivity bringing out the best in your snaps even if the light is fading.

And if you're too busy to worry about constantly changing your smartphone settings then the one-touch sharing via NFC on the Sony Xperia T will help cut the hassle of every day life.

Team it up with Xperia SmartTags and you're only ever a tap away from jumping into the car and starting up Bluetooth, GPS and online radio. Or place a tag in the kitchen to swiftly open your favourite recipe app or the calendar to see what the day holds.

The NFC chip inside the Sony Xperia T can do so much more than simplify your life – it can eradicate the more mundane tasks too. If you've got a compatible Bluetooth speaker dock, you won't have to mess around with pairing the Xperia T; one tap and you'll be set to hear your tunes in jaw-dropping bass and perfect clarity.

So there you have it: the technology powering your next smartphone, bringing the best in photography, screen quality and contactless technology in your pocket.

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