TechRadar takes on American Psycho. With smartphones...

American Smartphone Psycho
This is what some of us have to sit opposite

When we're not chained to our desks writing opus-length phone reviews or pounding the streets sniffing out news, here at TechRadar sometimes we like to kick back and rip off much-loved scenes in successful movies, geek-style.

So forget everything you ever knew about American Psycho because business cards are out and smartphones are in.

But what smartphone is the equivalent of Patrick Bateman's new bone-shaded print job? Which can equate to eggshell with Romalian type? What phone can possibly exemplify the scene-shattering watermark of Paul Allen's subtle off-white business card?

Hopefully Gareth won't go on a long diatribe about Phil Collins with a video camera and some 'lovely' ladies as a result of this Friday fun, but we just can't guarantee anything at this point.

And if you enjoyed that, perhaps you'd like to check out the '80s smartphone advert we found under someone's desk a few weeks ago. It's all fun and games here at TechRadar HQ. Literally.