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Samsung's Bada 2.0 brings top-end tech

The Bada platform gets an upgrade
The Bada platform gets an upgrade

Samsung has shown off the future of its Bada platform, with Bada 2.0 promising a whole raft of smartphone updates.

The headline grabbers include NFC technology, seen in the Google Nexus S, and HTML5 and FlashLite 4 compatibility to make its Wave range more like their Android and iOS market brethren.

With Samsung's Bada OS currently at version 1.2, this is going to be a big leap from the early Samsung Wave days, and developers will be licking their lips (if they're that into Bada) at the prospect of improved simulation and emulation tools, as well as better advertising models and operator billing included.

Improving your life through the phone

For the user, it will mean a better home screen experience through 'smart home screens' and better UI personalisation - hopefully bringing more than just widgets to the large amount of home screens.

Push notifications will also help propel the Samsung Bada range of phones to the next level of smartphone, meaning features like the Facebook application will be much improved making the whole line-up of phones more attractive.

The new Bada 2.0 release date is set for 'some time next year' but it's likely to be sooner rather than later as Samsung plans to achieve sales of 10 million by July 2011 for its Bada line up.

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