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Samsung releases Corby touchscreen for kids

Corby - a phone for the tween
Corby - a phone for the tween

Samsung has released the child-focused Corby handset, with a price tag of £130 for the touchscreen handset.

The fact that the phone incorporates Samsung's TouchWiz interface is likely to hand it some credibility –and the bargain basement price tag will appeal to parents.

A speaker? Why?

The features of the phone include a 2 MP camera, the usual music player capacity, a browser with one finger zoom and social networking apps.

Also included is a speaker (worst luck) and a MicroSD slot to give a little extra storage.

Considering the price, this phone is likely to be available for no fee if a contract is taken up – and we'll wait to see if the touchscreen phone can stand up to sticky fingers and playground 'rough housing'.

Via PhoneScoop