Post Office hopes for stamp of approval by launching its own mobile network

Post Office
Big up the Big Red

Well here's one we weren't expecting: the Post Office is hoping to shake up the market by launching its own mobile service, which will run on EE's network.

Promising to offer "great value for money and transparency in a market dominated by complex offers", the Post Office says it'll offer its contracts online or in one of 50 branches across the country starting this autumn - with a wider rollout planned for later in the year, it tells us.

The Post Office - which will also be offering up some currently-unspecified handsets - is a big name to enter the arena and its main competition will likely be Tesco and Asda. Of course, it's not entirely shocking, as the Post Office already offers home phone and broadband bundles.

"We're delighted that the Post Office has selected EE to power its mobile services, reinforcing our position as the UK's biggest, fastest and most reliable network," an EE spokesperson told TechRadar.

We've not been given any information on prices just yet but we expect they'll be pretty competitive. But if the SIM doesn't come coloured like a postage stamp then we don't know why anyone's bothering with any of this.

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