iPhone put through 10-week endurance test

AT&T predicts that the Apple iPhone will sell out completely within 48 hours of its launch next Friday

For two months, some 200 technicians have been secretly testing the Apple iPhone ahead of its US launch next Friday.

The Apple iPhone is expected to sell out within 48 hours of its launch on 29 June. There is huge interest in Apple's forthcoming mobile phone/ music player/ web browsing device. And the company is taking all precautions to ensure the iPhone works as it should.

The iPhone has been put through a 10-week endurance test. It's been dropped onto a concrete floor, put in water and tested in a variety of different environments. It's been used for some 10,000 hours - 5,000 of which were talk time, and the rest data transfers, tester Balsu Thandu told NewsFactor .

In addition, 5GB of data usage has been logged on the test devices during the 10-week period. The iPhone has been tested twice as much as other mobile phones usually are ahead of launches, Thandu said.

iPhone in disguise (oh yes you are)

During the tests, the iPhone has been disguised using various covers, one resembling an Apple iPod . It has been tested in various urban environments, such as subways, lifts, staircases, offices, bars, restaurants, shopping centres and out on the street. It's also been secretly tested in Apple Stores and AT&T stores to make sure that reception is up to scratch.

The toughest test was the 'pavement test', where the iPhone was dropped onto the street to get an indication of its durability.

Apparently, one of the details that was adjusted was related to the volume used. It was too low at first, Thandu said, but has been fixed. He added that the tests are now over, and the technicians have approved it as fit for sale.

According to AT&T, the Apple iPhone will completely sell out within 24 to 48 hours . After that, customers can order devices through AT&T stores for delivery between three and five days. All Apple Stores and AT&T stores will close 90 minutes ahead of the 6pm launch time on 29 June. They'll reopen with some 2,000 professional security personnel and specially trained sales staff to manage the crowds.