WiMax gadgets offer high speed on the move

The UMPC (left) and the PDA both support broadband-speed connections through WiMax.

For such an immature technology WiMax wireless networking is certainly attracting a lot of attention, due in large part to the potential it offers for high-speed connections over distances far greater than current-generation Wi-Fi and for its ability to stay connected while in a moving vehicle.

The only country where WiMax is even close to widespread is Korea, which is where Samsung has unveiled the latest WiMax gadgets - two USB adapters, a PDA and a lightweight UMPC.

Seductive keyboard

Most interesting of the batch is the SPH-P9200 UMPC that we've heard whispers of before. It costs $1,500 (£726) and comes with a fold-out keyboard and built-in WiMax, Wi-Fi and HSDPA. With a 30GB solid-state drive it's cutting edge, as it should be at that price.

More affordable is the $750 (£363) SPH-M8200, which is a WiMax-equipped PDA running Windows Mobile 5.0. It also includes a CDMA-EV-DO chip for getting online through a phone network when necessary, a 2.8-inch screen, digital camera, video editor and - of course - a tuner for Korea's popular digital terrestrial TV broadcasts.

Lastly, the two USB dongles enable laptops to join the WiMax cloud that covers Seoul (including the subway) for either $90 (£44) or $180 (£88). The cheaper model is WiMax only, while the more expensive option includes HSDPA for use on the relevant mobile-phone networks.

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