Overnight news roundup: 11-12 October

Google wins best search result test

Now that it's Friday, I thought I would let you in on a secret -- there are some great news stories you need to check out before you head to where ever you're going over the weekend. Check them out.

Earlier this year, Microsoft and Mozilla were alerted to a bizarre security issue where Internet Explorer could be put at risk if it was called from Firefox. Dubbed URI, this vulnerability was originally ignored by Microsoft, but after receiving quite a bit of pressure from the security community, the company has relented and will fix the URI exploit in an upcoming security patch.

iPhone app list released

In a move that may make former iPhone hackers upset, Apple has unveiled a list of third-party apps that iPhone owners are capable of running on their devices. Of course, there's only one issue -- they're all online apps. Wouldn't it be nice if you could run native apps on your iPhone? You win some and lose some, I presume.

Does Apple have something else up its sleeve? According to reports, the company has filed a second force-sensitive display patent in the United States that could be aimed at improving your experience using Apple gadgetry.

Google really is the best search engine?

A new test was performed on search users who were asked to partake in a blind study to see which search engine really is the best. 2,000 people were asked to use unidentifiable search engines and vote for which one is best. To no one's surprise, Google won the blind test easily by amassing 51 percent of the vote.

According to CNET, Nikon is planning on expanding its offering of full-frame Digital SLR cameras. The site is reporting that with the upcoming release of the Nikon D3, the company will start to offer full-frame cameras that will ostensibly provide a much better picture than its predecessors. This comes in direct response to Canon's decision to do this with its line of cameras starting this year.

Pinnacle, a company best known for its PCTV tuner cards, has announced a few new updates to its product line. The most notable product announcement is the PCTV HD Ultimate Stick, which allows users to bring a TV tuner anywhere and even record live SD or HD programming.

Motorola has announced a limited edition version of its wildly popular RAZR that is not only much more expensive, it's coated in 18K gold. The RAZR2 gold will feature nice gold accents and even sport some diamond engraving to make it even more appealing to the eye.

Maybe Mac OS X Leopard is hitting shelves sooner than we thought. Firmly aimed at meeting its end of October launch date, Apple has announced that it has expanded its Leopard training to all of AppleCare.