OnePlus says it's expanding beyond smartphones - but what's next?

OnePlus One
What has OnePlus got up its sleeve?

OnePlus has designs on a new product category, according to its Global Director – but he also ruled out a smartwatch or a tablet. So what could this mystery new device be?

GSMArena bumped into Carl Pei at MWC and quizzed him about the company's plans for the future. We're hoping to see the OnePlus Two smartphone turn up before too long, alongside whatever else is in the pipeline.

All Pei would say is that his firm is preparing an entrance into a new product category, and that it wouldn't be smartwatches or tablets. No timescale or hint of what could be on the cards was given.

Our survey says

Of course there are plenty of areas OnePlus could expand into: fitness trackers, virtual reality headsets, digital cameras, action cameras, Bluetooth speakers, smart televisions, headphones and so on. Your guess is probably as good as ours at this point.

Chinese juggernaut Xiaomi has recently spread its wings into action cameras and fitness bands, so OnePlus might follow suit. It would be a surprise if it strayed too far from mobile, but you never know.

OnePlus has most recently been in the news for building its own version of Android, dubbed OxygenOS. Perhaps the development of the software has given its team inspiration for where it might move next, but whatever happens we'll be watching closely.

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