Now every YouTube video is a VR video on iPhone

Google Cardboard

For some time, Android users have been able to view the entire YouTube catalog of videos through Google Cardboard. Google's latest iOS app update brings the same functionality to Apple's side of the fence.

Previously restricted to a curated selection of 360-degree videos, Google has flipped the switch to allow the Cardboard feature for every single one of YouTube's millions of videos for iPhone users.

To enable Cardboard mode, which splits the screen in two for viewing with a Google Cardboard headset, tap the screen once the video starts playing in landscape orientation. Tap on the three stacked dots in the top right corner to pull up an overlay where you can tap on the Cardboard logo.

Triggering Cardboard mode will put the controls for the video inside of your viewer. To pause or skip around within the video, tap the screen and physically move the phone to aim at the buttons while viewing through the headset.

Google Cardboard

If you want to change videos, you'll have to pop out of the immersive experience to queue up a new video.

Android VR is rumored to be unveiled at Google IO 2016 this week. If that happens to be an Android-only initiative, this may very well be the best VR support that iOS are going to get for the time being.

Via The Verge

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