Nokia viral ad heralds major launch tomorrow

Nokia's viral ad campaign countdown to its major launch on 29 August continues with the fourth in it series

With Nokia's major music and gaming device and services launch taking place in London tomorrow, Nokia has released another piece of its viral ad jigsaw.

The viral ad is the fourth in the series of ads that culminate in a countdown timer for 10am on 29 August (the time Nokia's London launch press conference begins). We'll be reporting live from the event tomorrow morning.

The ad follows the format of the previous two viral ads, with swirling abstract graphics and swooping lights occasionally coming together to form a phone outline - possibly the much-anticipated Nokia N81. Click on the right place and you get a scrambled clip of video and audio onscreen. After several times, the image reforms into a phone-shaped countdown clock.

Intriguingly, the Nokia viral ad RSS feed has clips of text to accompany each ad which may (or may not) make things clearer. The latest is as follows:

AD 4:

"...of what lies in the near future. Not only is it a plausible scenario for this, but also a reasonable scenario for almost any on-the-go desire. A superior and boundless experience encompassing all of what we enjoy. We listen, we see, we read, we explore, we discover, we laugh, we share, we travel, we enlighten, we inform, we are informed. This is what we have come to ascertain, yet it calls for a development that keeps up with where we want to go. Now, finally, we are here..."

Earlier viral ads have the following copy attached:

"...just an important theory, but also a crucial part of how this consumption is perceived at present. Everything eventually merges to a point where it more or less becomes inseparable due to the dawn of new technologies. Everything we have known, as one replacement; ultimately being able to do the job of each other. This may spawn patterns that cannot be exchanged, but generally entertainment will merge into whatever a user may request. This fusion..."

"..although this is already happening in many different fields. While broadcasting we have long been trying to come to terms to meet these new demands. To become more productive. This is a new model of entertainment on our own terms and evident throughout. The expansion of technology, allowing us the possibility of engaging what we actually wish to engage; our own preferred content - found intently or by chance. Soon, it is quite feasible that people will simply... "

"...time is what counts. We must not relate these statistics to the actual content. Although this is nothing new. The trailer might be better than the movie, the chorus might out-do the song as a whole, and so on. What is interesting however is the fact we want the goodies immediately; skip the main course, show me the dessert, going for third base without swinging the bat and so on. This is all the more evident in the entertainment on offer today that..."