Nokia handled faked footage internally with 'appropriate action'

Lumia 920
Nokia admits to poor judgment in Lumia 920 footage scandal

Nokia's new Lumia 920 debuted just one short week ago, but already the company has come under quite a bit of flack for misrepresenting the phone's capabilities.

Whether intentional or not, both still shots and video footage used in demonstrations for the phone - and that Nokia claimed to have taken with the Lumia 920 - were found to be doctored or faked completely.

Though the clips and photos were meant to be a showcase for the Lumia's PureView camera, the footage was closely examined by The Verge, and a third-party cameraman's reflection was spotted in the sizzle reel.

Nokia brought in an ethics officer to evaluate the claims, and it appears that the verdict has come in for the guilty parties.


While Nokia has taken steps to find out how such a massive transgression could have occurred, they're keeping rather tight-lipped about the sanctions levied against the persons responsible.

In a statement released today, Nokia stated, "Today, we concluded the internal investigation, and our findings confirm that poor judgment was exercised in the use of the materials."

"As a result, we have taken appropriate action."

Even though Nokia admits to "poor judgment" when it came to releasing the ill-conceived footage, the miscue portrays a lack of confidence in not just their latest Windows Phone 8 device, but also their proprietary camera.

Despite this setback, Nokia still plans to release the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 handsets later this year, with rumors spreading the 920 may even hit AT&T Oct. 21.

Hopefully, enough time will have passed that the company can put this incident behind them, and focus on making the Lumia launch a success.