More ads are coming to Google Maps

Google Maps with more ads

Google is redesigning its mobile ad experience, so expect to see a lot more ads in Google Maps.

The search giant updated its ads for Google Maps to help businesses drive traffic in a smartphone-dominated world. The company said location-based mobile searches are growing 50% faster than all mobile searches, which means Google Maps is the perfect place to put more ads.

The changes to the ad experience in Google Maps will be subtle, with advertisers showing up as promoted pins on the map. Walgreens, for example, can have its logo show up while you're exploring an area or driving in navigation mode.

Good deals ahead?

Google Maps will also feature in-store promotions when you expand a business' page. You'll be able to see information like store hours, address and coupons for sale items. Businesses who pay for ads will also get better placement within local search results.

A small purple box with the word "Ad" will highlight ad placements. Promoted pins will also feature the same purple color, denoting a paid placement.

Google updated its ad design on the mobile web by letting advertising have more space for copy. Google text ads will now allow two 30-character headlines, a longer 80-character description and a customizable URL path.

Early tests performed by Google showed the new ads increased clickthrough rates of ads by up to 20%, so it seems the company and businesses should benefit from this new approach.

Although you'll see more ads, Google Maps actually does look more visually appealing with the company logos. Plus, it may help you score some good deals.

Lewis Leong
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