Microsoft eyeing up RIM buyout

Is Microsoft plotting a buyout of RIM just to get its hands on the Blackberry?

According to a story from Reuters, Microsoft may be considering a Research in Motion (RIM) buyout. Upon hearing such rumors, RIM's stock price soared in trading to an all-time high with investors indicating that they were hopeful of a buyout.

An analyst cited in the story explained that: "Microsoft has been mentioned as a possible buyer."

A Microsoft Blackberry?

This isn't the first time that rumors have swirled around about a possible Microsoft-RIM merger. Both companies have declined to comment. But some analysts are claiming that the newly fuelled rumors are in response to Google's announcement that it may be releasing a new Linux-based mobile phone. Other analysts are citing the success of the iPhone as possible motivation for the deal, but so far, no consensus has been reached.

Although Microsoft's mobile operating system currently runs on mobile phones, RIM's Blackberry outsells Windows-based phones. It's believed that a Blackberry-like device with a Microsoft logo could lend some significant credibility to the company.

In fact, both Microsoft and RIM could benefit from the move. But most analysts are touting the move as the next step in Microsoft's trek for added mobile security. With a Blackberry-like device on shelves, Windows mobile devices (which have been called unsafe by security experts) may more readily compete with other mobile devices.

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