Lookout signs mobile security deal with Deutsche Telekom

Lookout signs mobile security deal with Deutsche Telekom
Mobile scammers better Lookout, yeah?

Deutsche Telekom, which owns Everything Everywhere, has signed a deal with Lookout Inc to provide mobile security features to its Android and iOS customers.

The network's European customers will see the fruits of the deal - although it's not abundantly clear exactly what form these will take just yet we do know they will be coming to Android and iOS devices first.

Lookout told us that there will be several options – some features will be bundled on to handsets, while others are available for users to download themselves.

As well as giving customers the Lookout Mobile Security app and other optional features, the two companies will be working on research and development from a new facility in Berlin.

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"The long-term partnership will result in a better experience for users," John Hering, co-founder and CEO of Lookout told us.

"We're adding over one million new users a month globally so the demand for security and privacy products is there. Partnering with Deutsche Telekom will add 129 million more subscribers to that user base."

Lookout's mobile app currently provides back up features and a mobile app that protects personal data and screens for malicious apps, among other things.

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