Jawbone Up24 arrives in real-time thanks to wireless syncing smarts

Jawbone Up24 arrives in real-time thanks to wireless syncing smarts
Up, up and away!

The Jawbone Up24 has been officially announced as the successor to the original Up, and it's biggest selling point is its wirelessly syncing capabilities.

Anyone who owns the first generation Jawbone Up will be well aware of the need to plug the band into the phone to draw data onto the handset, however the good news is the Up24 puts an end to that.

The Up24 constantly syncs wirelessly with your smartphone over Bluetooth giving you real-time stats in the Jawbone app. It's compatible with both iOS (from the iPhone 4S up) and Android devices.

Check your support

It's worth noting that the Up24 will only work with Android handsets running version 4.3 and higher - and even then your phone may not be supported, so make sure you check the website.

As well as tracking your sleep and steps, the Jawbone app provides milestones, activity alerts and a new "Today I will" notification feature to encourage you to keep moving.

Today I will provides you with daily challenges in an attempt to get you to do more exercise and stay healthy. These can range from step goals or water intake to extra hours of sleep.

Jawbone is quoting seven days of battery life for the Up24, which is down on the 10 days you can get from the original Up, although that's thanks to the wireless syncing.

Considering the Fitbit Flex lasts for five and the Nike Fuelband SE averages around a week, that's not actually too bad.

If you fancy getting one on your wrist the Jawbone Up24 goes on sale on March 26 in 29 countries for £125 (around $200).

You can choose from either small, medium or large and Onyx (black) or Persimmon (red).

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