iPhone 6 video shows in-depth leak of new handset in all its glory

iPhone 6 render
That sapphire screen is looking increasingly unlikely.

There have been a colossal number of iPhone 6 leaks over the last few months but this might be one of the best yet. A video seemingly showing a fully assembled iPhone 6 has been posted to YouTube, complete with commentary.

The video comes from Russian YouTube user Rozetked (video is currently still live, but could be taken down at any point... so be quick!) and it shows the iPhone 6 from almost every angle imaginable and even takes a look inside.

It looks much like the recent leaked images we've seen, complete with curved edges and a power button on the side. It's also clear that the camera lens does indeed stick out as rumours suggested it might.

Whether it's a leaked device, one made from spare parts or a very good fake is unclear, but given the level of detail on show we're inclined to believe it's real. However, given it was never turned on we can't be sure at this point.

According to Rozetked the screen isn't made of sapphire, though he theorises that it could be partially sapphire or simply tempered glass. Apparently the Apple logo is made from liquidmetal, so if you were hoping for a light-up logo you're probably out of luck.

NFC inbound

The body of the phone is reportedly crafted from aluminium, broken up only by those long plastic antenna bands.

Inside the iPhone 6 there's an A8 chip as expected and Rozetked claims to have spotted an NFC module too. He also claims that the Touch ID sensor area has increased and reckons that Touch ID should work better as a result.

While all of this should be taken with a grain of salt the video certainly looks the part, so we suspect that this is probably the real deal. With only around a week to go until the iPhone 6 is likely announced we should know for sure soon enough.

James Rogerson

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