iOS 6 vs Jelly Bean vs Windows Phone 8 vs BlackBerry 10

It's almost impossible to say which is the best mobile operating system, with each one working differently for different types of users.

Those who have already invested in the Apple ecosystem with MacBooks, iPods, iPads or vast iTunes libraries may be swayed towards iOS 6 as the experience is pretty universal across devices and inter-device compatibility is very good.

However, the simplicity that once pulled smartphone buyers in like a magnet is becoming less of a draw as users are getting up to speed with the new wave of handsets.

Android Jelly Bean will appeal to people who want more freedom on their smartphone while still having access to a vast app store and a wealth of features.

It's also got the advantage of being the most widely-used system with the most development work being undertaken on it - plus there's the fact developers are increasingly choosing to make apps for Android first these days.

First time users should certainly check out Windows Phone 8 as its simple user interface and unfussy design makes it very easy to pick up and use straight out of the box, even for the most novice.

The handset choice is still relatively limited though, and there aren't a lot of high-end phones to choose from, although with Windows Phone 8 at least things have stepped up in that area.

That leaves us with BlackBerry 10 which can't be pigeon holed like the other three so easily, partly due to the fact that it's still very new and hasn't had time to bed into the market.

However without a distinctive target audience, apart from perhaps the business sector, it could make it difficult for BlackBerry 10 to steal customers from Windows Phone 8, let alone iOS 6 or Jelly Bean.


Android Jelly Bean

There's no doubt that users are spoiled for choice when it comes to today's smartphone ecosystems; from inbuilt browser that whip along at lightning speed to the ability to edit photos on the fly, any of these being unveiled five years ago would have caused most to fall to their knees in awe at what was on offer.

But times have moved on and we've got that awful thing: choice. Which is best? Where shall I put my money? Will it be any good in two years time?

For that reason, it comes down to a straight fight between Android Jelly Bean and iOS 6, simply for the maturity and polish - plus the amount of apps both offer means your smartphone can become something unrecognisable from purchase in just a few short downloads.

We're plumping for Android's Jelly Bean though - with it's richer functionality, greater ability for customisation and general all-round power it's the clear winner for us.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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