How to turn your iPhone into a 3D mouse

If you have ever felt the need to navigate 3D holographic displays with your iPhone, then fear no longer, because a new app will allow you to do exactly that.

US firm Provision Interactive promises to turn your iPhone into a fully-fledged 3D holographic controller with its new app.

Use your iphone to control 3d holographic displays

Use your iphone to control 3d holographic displays

Provision Interactive has enhanced the capability of its in-store 3D holographic displays to work with Apple's Mobile Mouse, as well as its new iPhone app.

The new technology allows retailers to appeal to customers using interactive holographic displays, which they can control and interact with using their iPhones as a wireless air mouse, so you might be able to click on a particular area of the hologram to get more info, or see particular products from a different point of view.

"Provision is always working on innovative ways to improve our 3D holographic technology and making it interactive was just our first step," says Curt Thornton, President and CEO of Provision.

"Allowing consumers to interact with our holograms through a mobile device was always part of our plan and with Mobile Mouse it is now possible.

"We want to connect our advertisers and brands directly to the consumer, both emotionally and physically, and with this iPhone app we've found a great platform to do that."

The app uses the iPhone's built in accelerometer to translate hand motions into mouse movements on the 3D holographic display in the store.

Provision is beginning the development of its own Smartphone application due to be released in 2011.

Provision claims to be the leader in true 3D consumer display products. You can see more on their latest 3D tech over at

Adam Hartley