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Google Voice being tested in Europe

Google Voice being tested in Europe
Google Voice: another nail in the coffin for telegrams

Google is reportedly testing its telephony service, Google Voice, on European shores, as it looks to launch the service outside of the US.

Speaking at European Pirate Summit, Jens Redmer - Google's European Director of Business Development - said the company is taking 'concrete action' over bringing the service to our shores.

The main issues aren't just those that affect the actual deployment of the service in the Euro-zone, as while part of the testing is engineers checking out the technological landscape there are other legislative hurdles to jump as well should Google press ahead with a European launch.

Put a ring on it

However, Redmer is using the service in Europe already, according to The Next Web, working with the voicemail transcription service as a personal favourite - but declined to give any details about a firm launch date.

Google Voice works by becoming a portal to as many devices as you want, whether home, mobile, work or just somewhere you're passing through. And with every call you receive, Google is sitting in the middle, offering conferencing, voicemail and recording services.

It's already pseudo-arrived in the UK thanks to being able to call to landlines and mobiles directly from Gmail, but a full-scale roll out could revolutionise the UK mobile market - especially for small businesses looking for easy and centralised telephony services.

From The Next Web