Google Now has just got even more useful

Google Now
Google Now can play nice with over 70 new apps

Google Now has been given a big boost with Google working with over 70 apps to allow its convenient tool to collect information and display it at our fingertips.

Google Now cards are easy to read summaries of information gleaned from various apps. Existing cards can update you about weather in your area, inform you about traffic and suggest web pages based on your interests.

With the inclusion of over 70 additional apps, Google Now can bring even more pertinent information to your attention via those cards.

House of cards

In a blog post Google showed some of the new cards that are coming to Google Now, and explained how they can be used to make your life easier.

For example Google Now can now recommend you playlists and stations from Spotify, TuneIn and YouTube based on your preferences and tastes. You can also get recipes from Allrecipes, or keep up to date with breaking news from ABC News, Circa or feedly.

Fitness goals can be monitored and met with cards from Runkeeper, Jawbone and Addidas, and you can also pay for meals using OpenTable.

There are a huge range of apps that are now supported, though some are rather US-centric. However, there are plenty of cards that will work anywhere in the world.

For example GetTaxi, the on-demand taxi service that covers the UK, has been rebranded to Gett and will be available in 32 cities around the world including New York, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Moscow and Tel-Aviv.

It won't just get you a taxi but will also bring you food, beauty and home services, and it's been integrated with Google Now, making it quick and easy to use the service.

To make use of the new cards make sure you update to the latest version of the Google app.

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