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First iPhone 3GS gets jailbroken

iPhone 3GS jailbroken in less than a month
iPhone 3GS jailbroken in less than a month

Anyone that's not on an O2 contract and is looking longingly at the new iPhone may not have too long left to wait as the first jailbreak for the new device has been seen in the wild.

The Dev Team, the group generally behind the iPhone jailbreaks, has managed to find a way to remove that pesky O2 lock from the new iPhone 3GS.

This means that should you want to shell out close to 500 notes to pick up one of the phones on PAYG (or get yourself a contract for an exorbitant sum, especially if you're not staying with O2) you can unlock the device yourself.

Hold your horses

However, the jailbreak isn't available for everyone just yet, as it's only a few screenshots of one member of the team with a jailbroken iPhone.

But the good news is you'll be able to use the new iPhone with the 3.0 firmware update, so you can record video and send it to YouTube with a different carrier (though we recommend you check your data plan supports it first).

The hack was apparently created by the same chap who managed to unlock the first iPhone and helped release the iPhone 3G from its 3.0 prison, so at least he knows his onions.

When the release goes official we'll let you know, as we know a few people who can't wait to use the new iPhone on their current network.

Via Boy Genius Report