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Better mobile service switched on in Sydney's City Circle

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Train commuters who's route involves the City Circle in Sydney should find they can continue to use data on their phones while underground.

The network enhancement is part of a NSW government initiative, and as such, it benefits all users on all networks.

To improve reception underground, the government project required 10 kilometres of cable to be laid along the circuit. It accomplished this in partnership with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

On the right track

"The lack of coverage in our CBD tunnels has been an ongoing concern for customers over many years, and quite frankly an embarrassment for our city," said Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian.

The City Circle is the second part of the project, which has already seen network improvements in the tunnels between Central station and Wynyard. The next planned expansion is along the tracks heading east, with 18 kilometres of cable to be laid between Erskinville and Bondi Jucntion.

Last week, the NSW government announced that real-time train tracking data was now available in six apps for iPhone and Android. The apps, Arrivo Sydney, Tripview, Hidden City, Triptastic, TransitTimes and TripGo can show where a train is on its journey, offering accurate information to commuters.