Are blue jeans the iPhone 6's real worst enemy?

iPhone 6 jeans dye
The iPhone 6 is feeling blue

Every smartphone has its problems, but for a variety of reasons those afflicting the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been scrutinized with an excessive amount of glee.

In case the lazily named "BendGate" and all the bugs that launched in iOS 8 weren't enough to sate your appetite for watching iPhone users tear their hair out, the latest development may suffice.

Once again it involves pants. Where iPhone 6 Plus users reported previously that tight trousers caused the massive handset to contort into unseemly shapes, now some users are noting that their phones have absorbed an unsightly blue hue from their denim garments.

Specifically numerous users have told BGR that the plastic strips along their new iPhones' edges have over the past few weeks turned the blue of fresh jeans.

Dyeing on the inside

Most brand new pairs of jeans carry a warning to give them a wash before you sit on your white couch with them on, but no one reads warning labels anyway.

Now users have reportedly found it difficult to scrub the color out using common cleaning products, even as Apple has allegedly instructed them to do.

One solution is to use a case, although some users are understandably hesitant to cover up their sexy new iPhones with even more ungainly plastic. And besides, aren't they big enough without adding another layer?

Regardless, there is no way in hell we're going to refer to this as "DyeGate," so just check that one at the door. Thanks.

Michael Rougeau

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