Apple says iPhones still outsell Google Phones

Apple claims that iPhones are still outselling Android phones, questions veracity of recent NPD sales research

Apple has questioned the veracity of a recent US mobile phone sales survey that claimed that Android mobiles were now outselling iPhones in the US.

Apple rarely comments on market research, but it has broken its customary silence to claim that the latest mobile phone sales data from market research outfit NPD is misleading.

Apple questions NPD

You may remember that NPD claimed earlier this month that Android phones were out-selling iPhones, 28 per cent to 21 per cent, in the first quarter of 2010.

The report came as a surprise to many market observers, who assumed that Apple's iPhone was still the market leader.

Apple has now said that the study involved data taken only from an online survey (despite 150,000 taking part), and was not representative of actual sales figures. The company also pointed out that a number of other market researchers continue to claim that the iPhone is outselling Android phones across the world.

Apple's reply was lacking in one important thing, however. Actual sales figures and concrete data. We won't really know exactly how many iPhones and Android phones have been sold through the first quarter of 2010 until all the relevant companies file their earnings reports for the financial year.

Via Forbes