Apple moaning that Google Now on Galaxy S4 copies Siri's patents

Apple's moaning Google Now on Galaxy S4 copies Siri's patents
Stop copying me!

Apple has filed a new set of patent infringements in its ongoing legal battle, and this time it has the Samsung Galaxy S4 in its sights.

According to the papers filed by Apple, the Cupertino-based firm isn't best pleased about the way Samsung has implemented the Google Now feature on its latest flagship smartphone.

It's claiming the handset infringes on the some of the patents it holds for Siri, which it's already flagged up on other Samsung devices.

Advantage Samsung

Foss Patents picked up a line in the firm's legal documentation which reads: "Apple determined that the Galaxy S4 product practices many of the same claims already asserted by Apple, and that the Galaxy S4 practices those claims in the same way as the already-accused Samsung devices."

There's some positive news for Samsung though, as Apple tried to challenge one of the patents in question - referring to Google's Android Quick Search Box - back in 2012 in relation to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but the judge in charge of the hearing overruled the Cupertino firm.

With a positive history already surrounding this particular area of the dispute Samsung has reason to feel pretty confident going into court, but you can be sure Apple's army of lawyers won't give up without a fight.

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