Apple may finally be ready to solve the iPhone's ugly band problem

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

Apple is set to change the position of the antenna bands on the iPhone 7 and solve one of the most controversial elements of the iPhone 6S design.

A few days ago, we saw schematic maps for the iPhone 7 suggesting the antenna bands would be changing. A new photo leak of the phones chassis has added even more evidence as well as showing the design in the flesh.

The photo shows the antenna band running along the bottom of the back of the phone, rather than going up into the metal uni-body itself.

iPhone 7

The photo only shows the bottom of the phone though - it's not clear how the iPhone 7 will look on top.

Little changes

What isn't certain yet is whether the photo is real – we don't know who uploaded it, so it can't be verified as the iPhone 7.

It's a bit odd that the photographer hasn't included the top of the phone. But it does look like the focus of the photo was intended to be on the antenna design, so it does make sense.

The fact it matches the previous schematics suggests this is one of the design choices Apple is playing around with for the iPhone 7 though. We will likely have to wait for an announcement in September to find out what the company goes for.

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