Apple could force Motorola to destroy phones

Apple forces Motorola to change photo gallery
Simple fix will do the trick for Moto

Apple has won its patent case against Motorola in a German court relating to the 'overscroll bounce function in the photo gallery app', which appears on some of Motorola's smartphones and tablets.

The dispute is over the same patent Apple pulled Samsung up for last year, which resulted in Samsung releasing a software update changing the functionality of its menus.

What this means for Motorola is that it will have to update its mobile devices with a new software patch which removes the patented technology.

Update: Motorola has released a statement outlining its position on the case "Today's ruling in Munich, Germany on the patent litigation brought by Apple concerns a software feature associated with performing certain functions when viewing photos in a 'zoomed in' mode on mobile devices. We note that the Court ruled that performing the functions in a 'zoomed out' mode does not infringe on this patent. We expect no impact to supply or future sales as we have already implemented a new way to view photos on our products that does not interfere with the user experience."

Always look on the bright side

It could get worse for Motorola if it fails to implement the update on its current and future devices, as Apple could enforce a ruling which would require Moto to destroy all infringing products in its possession as well as stock held by German retailers.

Ok so this isn't a ground-breaking, game-changing win for Apple, nor is it a crushing defeat for Motorola. It's more of an inconvenience for Moto which is now going to have to spend time developing and rolling out an update to its devices.

However it is yet another win for money-bags Apple whose lawyers seem to be systematically thumbing through the patent catalogue and raising even the smallest of disputes in the courts.

If you want an in-depth summary of events regarding this latest patent dispute head over to Foss Patents for an expert view.

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