Android M could make your device run faster and longer

Android M
Android M is apparently coming soon

Google is apparently planning to unveil Android M at its IO 2015 event later this week, and new rumours suggest that the latest mobile operating system will focus on improving battery life and RAM usage.

According to rumours reported by Android Police, Android M (also known internally at Google as Macadamia Nut Cookie), will concentrate heavily on battery performance – great news for those of us who struggle to get through a single day between charges.

Android M will apparently achieve this by cutting the number of location check ins and reducing background tasks and activity when the phone is unplugged and the screen is off.

Battery life saver

Some of these features have been included in phone manufacturers' various battery saving modes, but it's good to see them implemented into the core Android experience.

Being given such low level access could help the battery saving modes in Android M perform much better than existing solutions, so hopefully we'll see some real improvements in battery life for devices that run on Macadamia Nut Cookie.

Android M will also apparently use less RAM, or at least manage its RAM usage better. RAM management isn't the most sexy of features, but it can have fantastic implications for devices as less RAM usage means longer battery life.

By carefully optimising how much RAM Android M uses, it could also mean it runs a lot faster and smoother – and even older devices would benefit.

According to the same rumours the final release of Android M will be August 2015, with app developers getting a developer preview just before, to make sure their programs run smoothly.

Matt Hanson
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