Android is beating iPhone, says Schmidt

Eric Schmidt
Big Eric issues some fightin' words

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt says that Android is now beating the iPhone in the battle between the two smartphone giants.

The former, long-time Google CEO reckons that "Android is ahead of the iPhone now."

When asked to back-up his remarks, which will be interpreted as fighting words, Schmidt cited "unit volume [and] Ice Cream Sandwich," while adding that "the price is lower [and] there are more vendors."

Android will win out

Schmidt was speaking to an audience at the LeWeb conference in Paris, for young web entrepreneurs and technicians.

The executive chairman, who now fulfils more of an ambassadorial role at Google, reckons that despite software and app developers still favouring iOS, Android will eventually win out.

He added: "Ultimately, application vendors are driven by volume, and volume is favoured by the open approach Google is taking.

"There are so many manufacturers working to deliver Android phones globally,"

"Whether you like Android or not, you will support that platform, and maybe you'll even deliver it first."

Exponential growth

Android has grown exponentially in the last year, stealing market share from Apple in many of the world's leading territories.

It'll be especially interesting to see if Apple issues any sort of response to Schmidt's remarks. If Steve Jobs were still with us, we're sure he'd have something to say about the matter.

In interviews for his official biography Jobs said he was willing to go "thermonuclear war" on Google as he believed Android was a "stolen product".


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