Android 4.0 'to be called Ice Cream', planned for 2011

Will Google Android 'Ice Cream' allow 3D holographic representations of your friends as you call them? Probably not.

In the ironic playground world that is Google, some wag has come up with the idea to call the next version of Android, Android 4.0, 'Ice Cream.'

Ice Cream will arrive after Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb. And follows on from versions of Android that have been called Cupcake, Donut, Éclair and – the most recent version of Android 2.2 – Froyo. (Which, for those of you who are not American, means 'frozen yoghurt').

So there we go.

Froyo was originally unveiled back in May at Google's annual developer conference.

Dessert-friendly naming

So now all you keen Android phone fans can look forward to Gingerbread (3.0), Honeycomb (3.5) and, eventually, Ice Cream (set to arrive at some as-yet-unknown date in 2011).

ARM President Tudor Brown – a man who is very familiar with Google's plans for Android - revealed that the name would be Ice Cream, although, for its part, Google is keeping shtum about Android 4.0 for now.

In a statement, a Google spokeswoman said: "The next platform release names are Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Additional timing and details have not been released yet."

Ice Cream will not arrive till mid-2011, at the very earliest.

Whether or not it will allow your phone to broadcast holographic 3D representations of your friends, Star Wars-style, as you speak to them, is yet to be confirmed.

Via Forbes