Pay £19.99 a month for this iPhone SE deal and receive a free pair of AirPods

iPhone SE deal
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Black Friday may have been and gone, but that doesn't mean all the best iPhone SE deals are behind us. In fact, with the launch of Tesco Mobile's Christmas sale, there are a ton of iPhone deals to tempt you all through December, including the network's iPhone SE and AirPods bundle.

Snag your freebie with this great value contract. Pay just £19.99 per month for 500MB of data, 5000 minutes and texts across a 36-month contract and get yourself the fantastic iPhone SE and, the perfect companion for your handset, a pair of AirPods. There's nothing to even pay upfront!

iPhone SE: at Tesco Mobile | FREE upfront | 500MB data | 5000 minutes and texts | £19.99/pm + FREE AirPods

iPhone SE: at Tesco Mobile | FREE upfront | 500MB data | 5000 minutes and texts | £19.99/pm + FREE AirPods
Apple's mid-range smartphone is one powerful beast, powered by the very same A13 Bionic chipset as the iPhone 11, with all the beloved characteristics of the iPhone 8. Enjoy a Touch ID equipped home button and an excellent single 12MP sensor that can shoot in Portrait and Night Mode. All for £19.99 a month with a free pair of AirPods.

Admittedly, when it comes to data 500MB definitely isn't a lot. In fact, you're likely to get through that in no time simply by scrolling through your Instagram feed and watching a five minute video on YouTube. Thankfully, Tesco Mobile allows you to customise your plan, able to adjust your allowance, upfront cost and duration of your contract to suit you.

For a more realistic 3GB data package, you're looking at just £22.99, whilst the upper end of packages available (but certainly not the most expensive) will set you back £30.99 for a hefty 25GB of data, allowing you the freedom to binge without having to worry about running low.

Click here to see all your options and ensure you snag those free AirPods.

iPhone SE deals: how good's the phone?

Apple's take on a mid-range handset, the Californian tech giant utilises its iPhone 8 blueprint and spins it into a new budget-friendly iPhone. The second iteration of the iPhone SE, 2020's version may look like an iPhone gone by, but it has all the inner workings of a flagship.

With a 4.7-inch Retina HD LCD display with True Tone, the iPhone SE is a blessing as Apple returns to its roots of a far smaller handset than that of its more recent models, second only in the official line-up to the new iPhone 12 mini. Thick bezelled with a single 12MP sensor, that is where the similarities to that of the iPhone 8 stop.

The aforementioned camera comes equipped with features like Portrait and Night mode shooting, as well as Depth Control. The handset is also powered by the very same chipset as the iPhone 11, the A13 Bionic, meaning, for a cheap iPhone, this makes it one efficient, powerful beast.

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How does a 36 month contract work?

Tesco Mobile deals are often able to offer some of the cheapest mobile phone deals around, but this is mainly due to its 36 month contracts. At its base, this is just exactly what it sounds like - a three year plan. 

But, while some might find a 36 month contract to be a bit heavy on commitment, for others it will be perfect. You'll get the same cheap bills for three years and when your contract ends, you can upgrade, go somewhere else for your phone or keep the phone and just pay for your data allowance which will only cost you a few quid a month.

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