The best Tesco Mobile phone deals for July 2024

Believe it or not, Tesco Mobile has been dishing out phone deals for a decade and a half. So if the time has come to find a new pint-sized telecommunications buddy, Tesco Mobile can help. The supermarket giant can offer tip top deals on all the latest smartphones - from the Apple iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21 all the way to SIM only deals - and the cheapest deals are all here waiting for you to pick them out.

We’ve actually made it easier than searching and sifting on the Tesco Mobile website itself, by collating every available tariff in our comparison chart below. All the deals you could want are right here - and if you can't see the phone you were hoping for, then hit 'load more deals' at the bottom. 

Underneath that we’ve also delved into enough detail on Tesco's mobile phones so you know what it’s all about, why Tesco phones could make a great option for you and what to do next.

And if you're a Tesco Clubcard holder it gets even better. You can now use your Tesco Clubcard points to save money on a new phone deal. However much money you earn on your Clubcard you can double it towards a Tesco phone deal. For example £5 on your Clubcard is a saving of £10 a month on your Tesco mobile phone deal.  

The best deals on the best phones at Tesco Mobile:

 Who is Tesco Mobile? 

Tesco Mobile has been around since 2003, so is no young buck in the mobile phone deals game. It runs off the O2 network which means a hefty 99% coverage of the country. It also means that high-speed 4G connections are available, too.

The selection of handsets are wide and varied, from the likes of the premium Apple iPhone XS Max to the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus at the high end, but also more affordable handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Apple iPhone 6.

Does my Tesco Clubcard help with a phone plan?

Tesco offers some additional benefits when it comes to both phone contracts and SIM plans if you sign up to its Tesco Clubcard Plus scheme. This costs £7.99 a month and while it rewards you with 10% discounts on two shops each month, the more interesting benefit comes on your phone.

Tesco is doubling the data on a pay monthly contract meaning you can easily score some extra bits of data if you're looking for a clubcard upgrade.

If the £7.99 a month seems a bit too pricey, the base line phone plans and SIM offers from Tesco are strong in themselves - the doubled data is just a nice bonus.

Best Tesco Mobile SIM only deals

If a contract seems like a daunting prospect, then perhaps you may consider buying the smartphone you want SIM-free outright and popping a separate SIM in. Similarly, this is probably the best option if you've just come to the end of your current mobile phone plan and want to hang on to your old smartphone a while longer

Tesco Mobile SIM only deals vary from rolling monthly contracts to more committed terms – the longer you sign up for, the cheaper it gets. That said there are options without commitment that still save you money – check out the best SIM only deals on Tesco Mobile here. Or if you want to shop further afield and compare Tesco to the rest then be sure to take a look at our best SIM only deals guide.

Tesco Mobile upgrades

If you’re already a Tesco Mobile phone customer and want to upgrade to the latest phone, that’s definitely a good option to explore. You will likely have to pay a fee though, which can be worked out differently depending on the contract you’re on.

Essentially if you’ve got an Anytime Upgrade or Anytime Upgrade Flex account you will just need to pay the remaining balance on your credit agreement. Other types of contract can be worked out using this handy guide

Will Tesco Mobile let me keep my number?

The quick answer is a definitive "yes". If you want to hang onto the same mobile number when you switch across to Tesco Mobile, that’s not a problem. All you need to do is call your current network provider and ask for your PAC code. They should get you this within two hours. Then you just need to give that to Tesco Mobile when you get your new contract and your number will port across. Simple.  

Tesco Mobile trade-in and trade-up

When upgrading you might as well get a little bitof cash back for your current phone, right? Rather than trawling the interwebs for a deal and either selling it yourself or trading with another platform, you can let Tesco Mobile sort this for you directly. Using Tesco trade-In & trade-up you can either take the cash for your phone or make a saving on your new contract. Either way you get paid the same day the phone is traded in.  

Tesco Mobile capped contracts

If you’re worried about going over the limits on your contact, Tesco Mobile allows you to cap your bill. This lets you pick a safety amount that you allow your spend to go over the usual monthly bill. It varies from £2.50 to £40 and won’t let you spend more than that amount, so you always know your bill won’t ever exceed a certain sum.  

Tesco Mobile pay as you go mobile phones

You're probably no stranger to pay as you go. It's a handy way to keep an eye on exactly what you’re spending while staying contract free – meaning no bills. Thanks to the handy Tesco Mobile app you can use the Tesco Mobile top up service to easily add credit to your account as well as keeping an eye on your balance and what you’re spending.

How to contact Tesco Mobile customer service

If you want to get in direct contact with Tesco Mobile for more details then you have a few options. Customer care is available on 0345-301-4455 or 4455 from your Tesco Mobile, or you can email via this link. There’s also Twitter using @tescomobilecare if you’d prefer to go the social way. Or browse all the Tesco Mobile contact options right here.  

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