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iPod to iPod transfer device launched

the new iPod to iPod transfer device
the new iPod to iPod transfer device

The iPod may be one of the most revolutionary gadgets of our times, but the good folks at Apple haven't made it easy for people to share music. In fact, without the use of third-party software (like iPod Access) adding songs to your iPod is a bit like putting money into a bank and not being able to access it ever again.

A new device looks set to change that, however. Unsurprisingly, the gadget is called the iPod to iPod Transfer Device and allows you to link to iPod classics together and move music effortlessly – like you should be allowed to anyway!

Not for the iPhone

Unfortunately, the iPod to iPod Transfer Device is strictly for old-school iPod users. The device will not work for those trendy flash-based machines, the iPod touch or iPhone but it will work on the newer Nanos and the iPod Video. It works by connecting between the two iPods via their docking ports.

Transfer times for the device are swift. We're talking minutes into seconds here, with a three-minute song will take around five seconds.

Video takes a tad longer, with a 30 minute video taking around three minutes.

Price-wise, the device will set you back around £50.