Oppo brings its Apple-esque smartwatch and new headphone range to Australia

Oppo Watch
(Image credit: Oppo)

Today, Oppo has announced Australian availability of its decidedly Apple-like smartwatch (aptly titled the Oppo Watch) as well as the introduction of the Enco range of true wireless earbuds.

More specifically, Oppo is bringing both its 41mm and 46mm Oppo Watch to Aussie shores, priced at AU$449 and AU$549 respectively, as well as the Enco W11, Enco W31, and Enco W51 earbuds (AU$149, AU$199, and AU$249).

Alongside these new product launches, Oppo has also revealed it will be opening an online wearables and accessories store this month in order to sell these, and any future products in the range.

The Oppo Watch range will be available in Australia from September 29 while the Enco line of headphones will land October 6.


Oppo Watch

(Image credit: Oppo)

The Oppo Watch is the company’s first in the category and was released in India earlier this year. Both variants share a dual-chipset configuration that allows the devices to switch from a power-saving mode to a ‘smart’ mode, giving preference to either battery conservation or processing power.

Oppo claims that this can change the battery life of the device from a 36-hour stint to a massive 21 days when in power-saving mode, which is achieved by reducing the watch’s capabilities to basic functions.

The 46mm version offers a few improvements alongside that obvious difference in display size. The rear surface is a combination of ceramic and plastic rather than just purely plastic, the battery is bumped up to 430mAh from 300mAh, and most notably, the display itself is a curved 1.9-inch number rather than the flat 1.6-inch screen found on the 41mm variant.

...and listen

Oppo Enco W11

(Image credit: Oppo)

As for the headphones, only AU$50 separates each product from the next in the tier, and while some of the nuances in feature differences reflect this, it seems like the top-of-the-line Enco W51 has the biggest edge in this department. 

The entry-level AU$149 Enco W11 are styled somewhat like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and feature 5 hours of battery life in the buds themselves, with an extra 15 in reserve in the case, as well as an IP55 dust- and water-resistant rating.

Oppo Enco W51

(Image credit: Oppo)

The AU$199 Enco W31 more closely resemble Apple’s AirPods and include 18.5-hours of charge time when factoring in the charging case, an IP54 rating, and simultaneous connection of each earbud to your device (allowing for less latency and connectivity issues).

Finally, the AU$249 Enco W51 is Oppo’s answer to the AirPods Pro, with many of the spec from the W31 but with the added inclusion of Active Noise-Cancelling (ANC) and support for Qi wireless charging.

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