OnePlus ditches its plan to use Oppo's ColorOS after backlash from fans

Oxygen OS 11 shown on the screen of a OnePlus phone
(Image credit: OnePlus)

In September 2021, OnePlus announced it would switch the operating system on future smartphones from its own OxygenOS to parent company Oppo's ColorOS as the two firms look to share more resources between them. OnePlus has now u-turned on that decision.

Gary Chen, Head of OS Product at OnePlus, announced the reversal during a MWC 2022 media briefing, confirming that future phones from the company will feature OxygenOS customizations which users have become familiar with.

And it was the backlash from fans which drove OnePlus to go back on its original announcement, but OxygenOS and ColorOS are still going to share many features, as Chen explained.

"We will continue to develop on the same code paths, but we have decided they will remain separate brands after feedback from customers."

Separate, but the same

Chen admitted that the software platforms "will be similar, as they'll be using the same code base", which may not do much to appease OnePlus fans who have already been burned by this code consolidation.

OnePlus' original rollout of the OxygenOS 12 update to the OnePlus 9 series had to be halted over issues flagged by users - it was the first software update to use the shared code base with Oppo's ColorOS.

The firm takes responsibility for this, with Chen adding OxygenOS 12 didn't meet the firm's or its community's expectations. When the OnePlus 10 Pro arrives in North America, Europe and India in March it will be running OxygenOS 12.1, which should elevate the issues in the initial update.

Unsurprisingly, OnePlus is already working on its next major software generation - OxygenOS 13. It's being co-created with Google (again, unsurprisingly as Android is a Google entity), and Chen claims it'll provide a lighter user experience, be easier to use, offer fast, smooth operation and include signature features and exclusive customization.

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