One of Windows 10’s best apps, Your Phone, could get some cool new features

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft’s Your Phone app, which hooks up your smartphone to your Windows 10 PC and adds all sorts of extra functionality, could be about to get some nifty new features – or at least these potential additions are seemingly being readied for testing.

As Windows Latest spotted, artwork surfaced on Twitter by Aggiornamenti Lumia appears to suggest that Your Phone could give users the ability to manage the apps on their handset directly from the PC desktop (via ‘phone screen’ mirroring).

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Furthermore, an update which is apparently inbound for the Your Phone app will let you delete photos off your smartphone from the PC, helping you stay on top of your device’s storage from the desktop too.

These extra abilities could be arriving on top of a major change we already highlighted, namely the ability to support multiple Android devices with Your Phone, instead of just the one handset.

Testing, testing…

Windows Latest reckons these capabilities are all in testing, or about to be delivered to testers, so it might still be a while before they show up in the release version of the app – or indeed test version – if they do at all (naturally, the presence of something in a preview build doesn’t guarantee it’ll make the cut for the final product).

As we’ve seen in recent times, Microsoft has been busy fleshing out Your Phone for a while now, slowly building the app into something that means you have to look at your smartphone less and less when you’re sat at your PC.

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