Nvidia GeForce 1040 leak points to a new wave of cheap gaming laptops

Want a notebook with some decent pixel-pushing power, but afraid it might be too expensive to purchase one boasting a GPU based on Nvidia’s latest Pascal tech? Well, it seems like a new budget option could soon be in the cards thanks to a leak which shows a notebook equipped with an Nvidia GeForce 1040 graphics solution.

Currently, options for Nvidia GPUs run from the beefy GeForce 1080 down to the 1050, but a GeForce 1040 was spotted (via Liliputing) on a Polish retailer’s product page for a Lenovo laptop (which hasn’t yet been taken down at the time of writing).

The Lenovo IdeaPad 320S in question runs with the latest Intel 8th-gen processors and a GeForce 1040 GPU according to the product listing, so the latter should be an even more wallet-friendly route to get some Pascal graphics grunt on your portable.

Power level

Of course, we’ve no idea how powerful this alleged graphics card will be, but it will obviously be less capable than the 1050, and equally obviously likely to be designed as a solid proposition for those who are leaning towards more casual gaming as opposed to the high-end crowd.

Don’t expect too much from this graphics chip, in other words, and indeed there is always the chance that ‘1040’ is a simple misprint from the Polish website. All the usual salt-based caveats apply here.

At any rate, fingers crossed that this isn’t a mistake of some kind, because it would obviously be a good thing to have more options at the budget end of the mobile GPU market.

Back in May, Nvidia revealed its GeForce MX150 GPU which is a budget Pascal-based offering designed to accelerate photo and video editing, and to be powerful enough for casual gaming in the likes of Dota 2.

We could guess – or indeed hope – that the GeForce 1040 would do a bit more than this chip, but as we’ve already mentioned, any expectations should certainly be tempered.

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