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Now you can easily get a taste of Android on your iPhone

Samsung iTest
(Image credit: Samsung)
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Samsung and Apple are two leading smartphone makers who often take a dig at each other. Apple continues to focus on data privacy or the lack of it on Android.  Samsung mocked Apple for removing the charger from the retail box, yet, silently copied what Apple did.

Now taking the troll game to another level, Samsung has come up with an interesting feature that allows iPhone users to try an Android-powered Samsung phone, right on the Safari browser on their iPhones. Because why not.

iTest (opens in new tab) a simulator that lets users experience various applications like messaging, Galaxy Store, Settings on the phone and even simulates calls and messages.  It also has a tutorial that talks about the features that users can’t try on this simulator (but need an actual Galaxy smartphone to enjoy them). 

Similarly, the demo of the Galaxy wearable app is present to highlight the seamless connectivity and hints that the strong ecosystem of Samsung products. 

The demo of the theme shows how easy it is to personalize a Samsung smartphone while the demo of the camera app talks about various features that are available in the standard camera interface of a Samsung phone. 

This interactive app is created by Samsung’s New Zealand team but can be used by people across the globe. There are a few jokes as well that the developer team has tried to pull on Apple. 

For example, tapping on a specific setting under the Settings app, it says “We’ve simplified the settings menu experience, just so our developer could have a lunch break. This is Samsung making fun of the complicated settings menu found on iPhones.

Since this app is targeted to woo iPhone users, if you try accessing the website on an Android phone it tells you that “You’re already on Android” hence no point in switching. Similarly, if you try to access it via the web, it shows a QR code that needs to be scanned from an iPhone. This rather creative marketing is like a breath of fresh air when brands have been busy trolling each other and worse later following the exact footsteps of the competitors. 

Via- Macrumours (opens in new tab)

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Jitendra Soni
Jitendra Soni

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