iiNet turning its BoB router into your Budii

iiNet Budii
Can a router really be your Budii?

Aussie ISP iiNet has just unveiled the latest product from its Labs - A combination modem, router, phone and tablet system called Budii that is powered by an as-yet-undisclosed version of Android.

The Budii will offer dual-band Wi-Fi on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, as well as seven gigabit ethernet ports and two USB ports on the back. A backup battery keeps the system running for about 20 minutes during a blackout.

The tablet - which will be sold separately - will feature a 2MP front facing camera and expandable memory, making it a usable videoconferencing tool.

Parental control systems are built into the device, contacts are automatically shared between the phone and tablet and integrated support for VoIP calls are all standard features for the system.

The system will be available soon - customers can register their interest now - for $399 outright or $19.95 per month, although that price only includes one phone handset and not the tablet.

Getting smarter for life

The new Budii router also incorporates support for the Zigbee standard, which will provide the foundation for a new iiNet service launching later in the year.

Dubbed SmartLife, and developed with the CSIRO, the new service will allow customers to monitor and control power consumption in the home.

It will also expand into home security and home automation features, all of which will use the Budii as the centrepiece for controlling the system.

Of course, investing in the Budii and the upcoming range of SmartLife products will likely lock you into iiNet's services forever. Which is probably the whole idea, now that we think of it...

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