Netflix wants to get you fit with quote-along DIY fitness gadget

Netflix may be your go-to service for laziness and distraction but its latest DIY project wants to help you meet your fitness goals.

The Netflix personal trainer is essentially a device you can build that will turn characters from your favorite Netflix shows into your personal in-ear cheerleaders. Of course, not all characters are the same – the kind of motivation offered by Pablo Escobar is probably going to differ from that offered by Kimmy Schmidt. 

As a result there are three different coaching styles to explore. First there’s the tough love school of coaching featuring the quotes from Terry Crews of Ultimate Beastmaster, Jessica Jones, House of Cards’ Frank Underwood, and Red from Orange is the New Black. 

Fitness goals

If “there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted” doesn’t sound like the kind of quote that will get you out of bed in the morning you can always try the positive reinforcement of Kimmy Schmidt whose advice to “take it ten seconds at a time” is more kind to a sensitive soul.

If none of that sounds appealing you can try the comic relief approach. Bojack Horseman probably isn’t anyone’s definition of fitness goals but his assertion that “everything is terrible” and “running is the worst” is at the very least relateable. 

Once you’ve picked the coach you want you can set a threshold for your activity level and any time the device senses you slipping it’ll auto-pause your music to let your coach chip in with some motivating words. 

If you prefer to watch Netflix while you work out, you can connect the device to your tablet or phone via Bluetooth and take the carrot and stick approach – when your personal trainer is connected to your Netflix your show will only play as long as you’re moving. Stop and it’ll stop with you. 

You can watch the device in action below:

Building your personal trainer won’t be particularly easy and you’ll need some electronics and coding know-how to get started. However, Netflix has created a step-by-step guide for you to follow if you’re willing to take on the challenge. 

Take that Frank Underwood intelligence and use it to get Daredevil abs.

Not sure this is a project for you? Previous Netflix DIY projects have included a Netflix and Chill Switch and socks that pause your favorite show when they sense you’ve dozed off. These projects are still challenging but more geared towards making your life easier and a little lazier.

Emma Boyle

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