Partnership is big win for Orange and T-Mobile users

Everything Everywhere - benefit for customers
Everything Everywhere - benefit for customers

Orange and T-Mobile customers have been able to make an extra 5 million calls and 20 million texts since both networks were opened out as part of the Everything Everywhere amalgamation.

Although the Orange and T-Mobile brands have carried on, the two providers are now joined up as Everything Everywhere – the UK's biggest mobile communications company.

One of the benefits for customers of both networks has been that they can use not only their own network but also the other if their signal drops.

To do this, customer must sign up at either or to receive an update to their SIM card,

Significant increase

Everything Everywhere claims that this new system has seen a significant increase – with 1.35 million customers benefiting from the change.

"This is just the beginning of our hugely ambitious network plans and I'm delighted that we've enabled so many of our customers to make calls and send texts in more places by signing up to take advantage of our unique offer – two networks for the price of one," said Tom Alexander, CEO of Everything Everywhere.

"And we're not stopping there. The next benefit, due in spring next year, will enable our customers to experience enhanced data and internet coverage, as well as the ability to make calls and send texts in more places.

"We'll also be enhancing our services so that customers can automatically switch to whichever network has the strongest signal while they're mid-call, keeping them close to the people, places and things that matter to them, wherever they are."

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