HTC takes on iPhone with Touch HD

HTC Touch HD
HTC Touch HD

HTC Tough HD has been officially shown off on the company's website – boasting 3.5g speeds and a WVGA 'HD' screen.

Although the Taiwanese company has not sent out a press release, it is now showing off the update to its popular Touch phone.

"Today, widescreen TV, internet and video have become the standard [for mobile phones?] so there is no reason to compromise when you leave the house, the Touch HD delivers that uncompromising multimedia and internet experience," said Peter Chou, president and CEO HTC Corporation, in full on marketing-spiel mode.

"We are living in a time where the concept of entertainment has radically changed. The internet is so much more than just email and our customers expect to be able to access the internet and high quality multimedia content no matter where they are in the world."

iPhone rival

Inevitably billed as an iPhone competitor, the phone includes Google maps and all the functionality that Microsoft's Windows 6.1 OS can offer.

An SD expansion slot, 528Mhz processor, 288MB RAM and a 5MP snapper are all listed in the specs.

It certainly looks the part, it's fair to say, but it remains to be seen if a gorgeous screen, and an OS that may persuade businesses to take a look, will truly push it into competition with Apple's handset.

Get your hands on one later in Q4 throughout Europe, though there's no word on which networks will be carrying the new device.

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